1998 “Excellence in Design” Award from Western Massachusetts A.I.A.
 2001 “Northeast Green Building Award” from the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

Judges’ Comments: “A successful, healthy building. It includes a remarkable collection of green attributes given the budget realities of small-town public school financing. The building teaches its inhabitants about the region and history through its form and materials”.

Sanderson Academy is child-friendly and contextual. It is sited to shelter the bus arrival from bitter winter winds, while framing views to the west. As project architect for Margo Jones Architects, Laura’s original design for this rural school was one of a central community core with four semi-independent wings. Two of these wings served to protect a southeast entrance while the other two wings embraced the views to the blustery northwest. The core of the building showcases the library as the “center of learning” and houses administration. One of the wings (with gymnasium, stage, and cafeteria) is open to the core for community events in the evenings. Interior finishes were chosen (in consultation with Mary Kraus) to enhance indoor air quality.