Pathways Cohousing is a 24-unit Cohousing community on a 46-acre wooded site near Northampton, Massachusetts built in 2000. The housing units are situated in three clusters with a common house at the apex of this clover leaf plan. This building supports the community with dining facilities, guest rooms, children’s play space, and meeting and living rooms.

While parking is convenient to all units, the interior of the site is car-free, providing a safe and supportive place for children to grow and thrive. The layout of the housing units successfully balances individual privacy (private back yards and woods views for each unit) with the richness of community (front porches close to the pedestrian way).

The general site design is sensitive to land use, leaving most of the wooded site undeveloped. The buildings are sited with respect to solar access, and energy-efficient construction practices were used. Materials and systems were selected to minimize ecological impact and maximize indoor air quality.

The Homes at Pathways Cohousing were designed to be solar tempered and energy efficient, as well as comfortable and inviting. All four unit types have front porches, which provide a bridge between public and private spaces. The houses are scaled to feel friendly to the people on the pedestrian way, with low eaves on some units.